Let’s Create Phonetic Alphabet In PERL

Everyday we have to do many boring stuffs when it comes to DevOps. Everytime we have to deploy new version of our application, we need to run branch of codes. If we are using complex architecture like AWS ECS or GCP Kubernetes etc, deployment can be automated and it saves lots of our time. But […]

Desktop Notifications In Python & Shell Script

Mostly we forget that our desktops support notifications now-a-days. Every platform (Windows, Linux and Mac) support desktop notifications even from terminal or command prompt. We can utilize this function according to our needs. Just for an example we can run long running tasks on background and whenever it is done, we can show a notification. […]

Making a REST API in Elixir Phoenix

Elixir is built on top of Erlang but it is quite friendly / high level than Erlang. Working with Elixir provides all the facilities of Erlang. You guys probably already know that “Elixir is a dynamic functional language which runs on Erlang BEAM virtual machine”. Phoenix is a web framework for Elixir, similar with Rails […]